/*** This rumination is audio heavy, so if you don't want to hear a grown man howl you should mute the window. The words are all there in text anyways. ***/

You heard once that ancient history requires a Roman perspective but 'you've never been good at riddles...

Before you created this place, you labelled these audio-files.

I've known you a very long time. When you started coming to this place again all I could do is what you programmed me to do. It's my job to help you escape this home you used to know...however, there's problem other than just your inability to forget the things that make you hate yourself.

It's outside in the snow. It's been trapped out there, and it wants to watch you die again, and again, and again, and again--

But we can do this together! You just need to figure out what your pain tolerance is first!

Development log


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This was very unique. Admittedly it went above my head, too, but I still find it interesting. Something to puzzle over, and ruminate about.


most of the time I feel as though being boring is the gravest sin a creator can be guilty of, so I am happy it was at the very least held your interest. I struggle with knowing abstractions from concrete examples because sometimes these things seem real to only me and no one else, but I am going to try to be more mindful and do more inquiry into my ideas to make sure they are being presented in a way that has the effect I want them to. 

Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for playing!


I don't think I fully understood everything; I've never been terribly good with abstract stuff, so that's my fault.  But the language was evocative and beautiful.  I did have to mute the sound, but that's because I was determined to read, and I read too quickly for narration.  I take in information better when it's written.  I should play it again sometime, with just the audio, because it might give me a new perspective.  But overall, I was breathless by the end.  In a good way.

Thank you! It means a lot to me that you read/played this piece. I am somewhat relieved that you didn't listen to the audio, however the poem read throughout this IF was recited by an extremely talented person with a very beautiful voice who is a extremely potent writer in her own right.

she's on twitter @eris_rlt and I recommend reading though some of her work. If you'd like to listen to her recital I can add her reading to the list of files in a moment independent of the html file.

I unmuted on a whim on my playthrough and was pleasantly surprised that a human was reading certain parts. Like you said, the reader for the poems was excellent. I think you've done a disservice pasting a robot reader onto the majority of the game -- the voice is so slow and so obnoxious and so inhuman that the only choice a player has is to mute the game.

interesting. I've heard opposite from other people, but i'll work on adding a toggle switch or switches for the narration. Thank you for the feedback!

I just want the robot narrator to shut up, ha ha. I think the two human narrators are excellent, you and the woman.